Why Partner and Host With Us ?
We know most of our client from face-to-face meetings to provide them with personal service directed at their specific needs.
We have the technical and non-technical capability to provide the services to our clients.
We are located in the same geographical region as our customers - not some unseen, faraway stranger.
We are partnered with multiple upstream service providers to allow us to satisfy the full range of customer requirements:
Local and Overseas destination marketing.
Accomodation booking.
Aircraft Flights booking world wide
Hotel and Accomodation bookings world wide at more than 250 000 hotels
Car rental all over the world.
We work mostly on a commission bases. When our partners earn an income, we earn an income.
IF you are interested, please contact Ben on +27 28 722 1170 or Ria on 071 091 3510. ( mobile numbers provided so that you can always get a hold of us )